From our Visitors:
"We have been successful in hiring 2 new physicians, and I want to thank you for assisting us with that. Your site is very easy to use, and it seems as though many podiatrists search the site"
-Cyndi S, NJ
"Several pieces of equipment sold to my colleagues instead of salespeople. It is nice to know that there is a place we can help each other in this Profession"
Sincerely, DPM
"I have successfully sold my equipment (Medicool ProPower) Thanks very much for your help!"- Dr G. Cohen

 "As always - great job on the Podiatry Exchange website. I have purchased some office equipment in the past off the site - it is a great resource" -Palmer B, DPM

"We have filled the position thanks to your service. Thank you so much!"
Dr. J. S.

"Thank you for your website, which is great. I appreciate your efforts in the behalf of the podiatry profession....will not hesitate to advertise other items or my practice at the time when I may stop practicing"
J.M., D.P.M.

" I have already sold my practice thanks to the ad I placed with you only a few weeks ago. "
J.S. Florida
"Thank you very much both for this service to our profession and also your prompt posting"
"Just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide helping those of us looking for buyers of our practices, as we get ready to retire"
E.B., D.P.M.


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